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A Process-Oriented Group for Empowering Highly Sensitive People and Helping Them Flourish


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Hi Folks. We don't have a new date for the next scheduled HSP group yet. I'll post it here later. If you want to explore a bit of the focus, have a look -- and a listen -- below. 

Intro Message from Jim

Here's a short audio introduction to the upcoming group. Have a listen.

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Like many highly sensitive people I was deeply impacted by Elaine Aron's groundbreaking 1997 book The Highly Sensitive Person. It was freeing, exhilarating, moving, normalizing — empowering. It helped us HSPs see ourselves in a positive and affirming light, as gifted and with much to offer — because of our sensitivity and not just despite it. Rare experiences indeed for so many of us who grew up hiding who we really are and what we really felt.

Over the years I've worked with many HSPs in therapy and many have been part of sharing circles I've formed in workshops and university classes. But this is the first time I've led a group specifically for highly sensitive people. And it feels very right! I really look forward to it and if you end up a part of the group I look forward to meeting you.

I've provided a bit of detail below about the group, the format, and things like registration info and location.




As a reminder — or for those not as familiar with the trait — as Elaine describes in her books and website, highly sensitive people:

  • often feel frazzled & overwhelmed by the world;
  • get rattled if they have a lot to do in a short amount of time;
  • are deeply affected by other people’s moods & emotions;
  • are often startled by loud noises & other stimulation; often have difficulty displaying their best when being watched or evaluated;
  • are sometimes thought of as timid, shy or weak;
  • not uncommonly grew up feeling that there was something wrong with them — or being told there was. 

But Highly Sensitive People:

  • are very reflective, highly conscientious & more intuitive;
  • have a rich, complex inner life;
  • are commonly extremely creative;
  • have a great deal to offer;
  • actually make up 15 - 20 % of the population;

The Aims of the Group

This group is about empowering highly sensitive people (HSPs) and helping them flourish. Together we'll create a supportive, fun and creative learning environment. The aims of the group include helping HSPs:

  • Understand and embrace their triat of high sensitivity;
  • Develop the ability to manage feelings in healthy and responsible ways;
  • Foster self-compassion and self-understanding;
  • Experience a meaningful sense of community and belonging;
  • Recognize and value their unique strengths and gifts;
  • Live authentically;
  • Integrate powerful self-help tools and practices into their daily life.

A bit about Jim

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I'm a psychologist, a former professor of Education and a lifelong songwriter. I've also written a couple of books including The Privilege of a Lifetime — an exploration of the amazing and rewarding process of truly becoming ourselves. I've had a passion for the human journey for as long as I can remember and I've been involved in a great many groups over the past thirty years. Vision Quests, sharing circles, men's groups, therapy and process groups and Way of Council gatherings. Some as participant as some as faciliator. And I have so often been in awe of the power of these kinds of sacred circles. I say a bit more below about the style we'll use in this upcoming group.


Structured Process-Oriented Group

There are many styles of process-oriented groups and they can vary widely in approach and philosophy. Here’s what I mean by the term.

To me, a process-oriented group is about relating with each other in a genuine way, about what’s really going on with us. We’re real together. We hear each other; we see each other. This doesn’t mean we’re telling long, detailed stories or revealing our deepest secrets and issues. Not at all. Rather, it means we make space to share our authentic experience in a way that’s safe and respectful.

And though we explore ideas and concepts, our time together is not just about learning new content. It’s not a lecture. It’s not just about being in our heads, taking notes, and analyzing ideas. It’s about relating. Genuinely. About our experience. In the here-and-now.


Why use this approach?

We use this approach because, quite simply, it works. It’s powerful and effective. It’s meaningful and deeply gratifying. I have often noticed that something profound happens — a sacred, I and Thou connection — when people have the courage to be genuine together. I’ve now experienced it countless times and it never gets old. Ever! One person with the willingness and the courage to be genuine, vulnerable, opens up something powerful, something healing. It’s palpable and very often deeply moving. And it’s often something the entire group will experience.

It continues to amaze me almost thirty years in to this work. Touching those spaces of the human heart is one of my favourite and most meaningful experiences in all of life. I love it!

If all of this sounds a bit scary, keep in mind that we build up to this. We create an environment where it’s safe to share genuinely. We begin slowly. We review guidelines for the process, including things like the importance of confidentiality and respect.

And sharing is always by invitation. No one is forced to share, and always has the right to pass. The group is about creating a safe space to be real together.

What do you mean by Structured? The term structured simply refers to the simple fact that we will have an outline, a plan, for what we'll cover. Some process groups simply go with whatever comes up for the people involved. But we'll focus on a particular set of themes each week — themes that are central to highly sensitive people.


Registration and Cost

Time and Date: This group will meet on Wednesdays from 5:30 - 7:30 pm once a week for four weeks (June 13, 20, 27 and July 4, 2018).

INTRO Rate: (Early Bird): $25.00/week

INTRO Rate: (Regular): $35.00/week

LOCATION: The groups take place in Qualicum Beach British Columbia


To register — or get more info — use the contact information below.

Phone: (250) 240-6013

Email: jim.henry (at)

Location: Parksville / Qualicum Beach, British Columbia

NOTE: Participants must register in advance. There are no arrangements for last minute drop-ins.

"In my opinion, all HSPs are gifted because of their trait itself. But some are unusually so."

-Elaine N. Aron - The Highly Sensitive Person